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7.5 Inch - Rose Quartz and Turquoise Bracelet
7.5 Inch - Rose Quartz and Turquoise Bracelet
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Rose Quartz-Turquoise


This item is no longer available.

7.5 Inch Bracelet - The unusual combinatin of rose quartz and turquoise gives this beautiful bracelet a mellow, island vibe. Wear it in spring and summer to enhance your warm weather wear or in fall and winter to brighten up those season's more somber hues. Whatever you pair it with, we know you'll love the way the gorgeously patterned turquoise rounds play against the huge, polished chunks of serene rose quartz. An oversize toggle clasp with fine metalwork completes this 7.5 inch designer gemstone bracelet. We guarantee this will become a favorite piece!

A happy customer: I took a chance and bought the "Summer Dreams Bracelet" for my 23 year old daughter in DC. She called to tell me that I am the best mom in the world. That means she loves it. Thank you MRP!